cleaning mistakes how to avoid them

4 Mistakes you might make when cleaning

You might make these 4 mistakes when cleaning

We'll show you how to avoid and improve them:

  1. You don't let the cleaning product work properly.
    Leaving the detergent to work is an important phase of cleaning. If you don't leave the detergent on long enough, it won't work properly and your cleaning will be ineffective. Leaving it on helps especially with stubborn stains and lime scale.

  2. You use too much product or don't wring out the mop enough.
    When cleaning floors, you may use too much detergent or not wring out the mop enough. Both can lead to unsightly streaks on the floor. To avoid this, make sure you use the right amount of detergent and wring out the mop well.

    - Wring out the mop more if your floor gets streaky.
    - Use less product if your floor is not shiny.

  3. You serve carpet vacuuming only in one direction.
    When vacuuming carpets, be careful not to vacuum in only one direction. Instead, you should vacuum in different directions to make sure you pick up all the dirt particles.

  4. You don't clean your cleaning equipment regularly.
    It's important to clean your cleaning equipment regularly to make sure it's working effectively. If they are not clean, they can spread dirt particles instead of removing them.

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