Anyone can make marketing slogans. Our products are certified by third parties.

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel was created in 1992 by the European Commission. It recognizes more environmentally friendly and healthier products and services.

Above all, great importance is attached to environmental criteria and ingredients as well as to social and ethical aspects.

We are proud that our powder and liquid detergents is certified with the EU Ecolabel.


Nordic Swan Ecolabel

This eco-label is the official sustainability certificate for products from the Nordic countries. It was introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1989. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel distinguishes environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents. For example, the products have a high degradability in water.

Dishwasher Tablets

Vegan Flower by Vegan Society

This label distinguishes vegan products, i.e. articles that have been manufactured without animal components or animal testing. The vegan flower helps vegans to see through the jungle of products more quickly.

In order for a product to be awarded the Vegan Flower, it must meet various criteria. These include: no animal or animal-derived raw materials, no animal testing, thorough cleaning of the machines if a company also manufactures conventional products, labeling of the packaging if the product contains genetically modified organisms.

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